The Diet Rebel's Cookbook: Eating Clean and Green

I am so excited! Michelle Stewart (my co-author)and I have been getting our cookbook ready to go to print, because it will be out in April. Today, it's difficult for me to think about anything else but recipes and the words that create them, because we've been going over the proof, so I'll just blog about it.

Michelle and I discovered how very much quality of food impacts health. (We found this out the hard way, after losing health for a time, then regaining it through proper food and lifestyle choices.) This information was gathered from dietary studies of the world’s healthiest and disease-resistant cultures throughout history. We wanted to know what they ate that contributed to their health, and as a result, we learned the cooking techniques they used to increase nutrition and create healthier bodies—information that is lost to us today—and quite by accident discovered that preparing food this way made it taste amazing.

"What are the forgotten and tasty traditions of our ancient ancestors? It’s no secret that a good diet was essential to their health and longevity. What did they eat, how did they prepare it, and how does this information affect the nutrition and flavor of the food we prepare today? How can applying this information help prevent disease and potentially reverse it?” - from The Diet Rebel's Cookbook

I would love to answer these questions right here and now, but for the sake of time and space on this blog, you'll have to read the book to find out the answers to these questions. :0) But don't worry, it will be out in April, and I'm looking forward to getting my recipes out of a cookbook instead of my four inch stack of recipes, where whatever it is I'm looking for is ALWAYS on the bottom.