Black Steak Sandwiches

A while ago, my eight-year-old boy informed me that he wanted for his night for dinner, black steak sandwiches. I kept trying to think of what he was referring to, and after a few minutes of listening to his descriptions like, "You know, those things that are black and crispy?" I finally realized he was talking about bacon, and he wanted BLT's for dinner.

Do I really burn the bacon so often that our entire family now refers to BLT's as Black Steak Sandwiches? Apparently so. It turns out that I burn them because I try to multi task, like slicing the tomatoes, washing lettuce, etc. and then remembering, oh yeah. I'm cooking bacon, too.

So recently when I've made BLT's, I stayed at the pan the entire time flipping the bacon over and over, and they turned out beautifully. I was able to do this because I farmed out the other tasks like slicing tomatoes.

I've realized that sometimes in my life, especially the summer, I try to do too many things all at once and then I get burned out. Sometimes I need to just stop everything, focus on one thing, and delegate other things. This brings much needed balance into my life. I've discovered that during the summer when my kids are home from school, writing and editing take a back seat, but I still like to read a good book or two, to sharpen the saw, so to speak.

I hope everyone has had an awesome summer!