Let the Son Shine

This morning when I looked outside, I saw this:

It's a picture of the sun trying to peek through the fog. And once it was finally able to, the fog cleared, and now it looks like this:

Sometimes my life gets a little foggy, whether it's related to illness, life events, or writer's block. Lately, it's just been my mind. Ever since Christmas, I just haven't had the same focus and creativity to write as efficiently in my book. Maybe it was holiday indulgence, stress, or whatever, but I've been struggling to keep my writing goals.

But something struck me a couple days ago, and that was that I needed to let the Son, my Savior, shine more in my life, mainly by trusting Him. And I found that when I focus on trusting Him, loving Him, and allowing myself to feel His love for me, the fog lifts, not only on my writing, but on every other aspect of my life.

What a blessing to know that He is there, shining for us, and lifting the fog from our lives if we allow Him. I am so grateful.

And now with this new-found peace and creativity, I'm off to write. :)


Jen G. February 6, 2010 at 8:48 AM  

Thanks for your uplifting words Jillayne! I am grateful for your insight! & for your beautiful pictures! You are a very tallented writer & I hope you find your inspiration! ;)