'Tis Not Long Before Christmas and I'm Going Insane

'Tis not long before Christmas, and I'm going insane,
With thousands of to-do lists going all through my brain.
There’s the shopping and the wrapping while the kids are at school,
And I musn’t forget to make dinner; that wouldn’t be cool.

Then there’s housework and homework and service for neighbors,
Programs and projects and festive favors,
Cards and gifts and another trip to the store,
New callings and teaching and oh, so much more!

And what about writing, editing, and my blog for today?
How can I make time to even think what to say?
And what of those voices of characters in my head,
Reminding me that I’m neglecting them! That fills me with dread.

Then out of the blue enters a thought crystal clear,
“Remember the importance of why you are here.
Is it not to be a daughter, a wife, and a mother?
Your role in the family can be filled by no other.

“So smile and hug; there’s no need to hurry,
Do the best that you can and the rest just don’t worry.
This is the reason Jesus was sent from above,
To do what we can’t, because of His great love.”

So with this advice, I feel the insanity leave,
All I really need to do is my best and believe.
As far as writing, I can jot down my thoughts,
While running errands or scrubbing out pots.

With everything else, I’ll just do my best,
And remember to eat, exercise, and get plenty of rest.
Well, that about wraps up all I have to say,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good day!