Why I'm Glad I'm a Woman

Recently I read a wonderful book called, Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin. While reading it, I realized how awesome it is to be a woman, so I came up with a list of ten reasons why I'm thankful for being a woman.

1. I realized that some of the traits I've had since I was a young girl are not necessarily character flaws, but actually feminine gifts I have been blessed with.

2. I get to be soft.

3. I get to be a mom. There is nothing in the whole world like motherhood.

4. I have someone to protect me. And I love the feeling of being protected and cared for.

5. I don't have to yell or be aggressive. Instead I can be the opposite and it's okay.

6. I can have long hair and wear makeup and it's socially acceptable.

7. I can own more than one pair of shoes.

8. I can cry.

9. I am an invaluable tool in creating the atmosphere of my home.

10. I have the amazing responsibility of training part of the future of our country to be responsible and capable contributing citizens.

Bottom line, I'm celebrating womanhood. :)