Makeover From the 1970's Complete!

Shortly after completing the painting and the cabinets, Greg and I went back to the rental for our own little "Demo Day" like on Fixer Upper. All that really needed demo-ing was the old yellow sink and counter-top.

 As a side note, it was just my hubby and me available to tear down the sink and counter, so naturally, I was the one to help remove the sink outside where Greg could smash it to bits. I will just skip telling about the part where the porcelain sink was so heavy that I kinda tripped and fell down on the cement stairs outside, the graceful gal that I am/ The sink landed on my knee, and I had a nice little limp and a couple of bruises out of the experience.

A few days later, the carpet and counter people came to install, and I came to do some final touches like new doorknobs, and window treatments. I really did giggle when I saw the new carpet and how everything took shape after lots of work. New counter and sink. :) No more yellow!

Okay, time for the reveal: 

Kitchen Before: 

 Kitchen After: 

Living Room and Front Door Before: 

Living Room and Front Door After:

Bedroom 1 Before: 

Bedroom 1 After: 

Bedroom 2 Before: 

Bedroom 2 After: 

 Bathroom Before: Actually, the bathroom was the only room not from the 70's and so we only scrubbed it up and replaced the shower curtain, even though I would have loved to do matching paint and tile in this room as well. Maybe one day. . .

Bathroom After: 

Lastly, the before and after tours.




Ta Da!