Makeover from the 1970's!

I was just a little girl in the 1970's, but I still remember the colors, such as brown and orange kitchen colors with mushroom stickers and flame-red carpet. 

We own a rental property that was built in 1978, the exact year when the above picture of me was taken. A couple weeks ago, when I walked into said rental property, I thought I'd gone back in time.

Here is the evidence. (Although some of this has been updated since the 70's, the kitchen sink and the carpet in one of the bedrooms clearly was original.)

 Gold counters and sink!

More pictures:

This carpet is GOLD! (And a little brown from dirt.)

My very favorite show in the world is Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, because I LOVE making something beautiful from old, worn-out things and they do it so beautifully. So when I walked into this place, my creativity took over and I came up with ideas for making improvements. 

The plan:  
New kitchen counters and sink, new tile, new carpet, and fresh paint. And if I don't get Hashimoto's burnout in the process, new stain on the kitchen cupboards.

Although this reno won't be nearly as extensive as the Gaines' projects are, I still love home improvement and picking out colors and patterns.

Here's what I've chosen:

More pictures to come. . .